Friday, September 24, 2010

Unconference 2010 - Magnolia 5.0 and Roadmap

This year's Magnolia conference was a very great and inspiring event. At the community day we had few presentations related to Magnolia 5.0 which's slides we like to share with you:

Magnolia 5.0 - Three perspectives
A brief overview about where we stand and what we plan to achieve if Magnolia 5.0. You are missing the demo, but well ... there is still some valuable info in it.

Magnolia 5.0 'GenUIne'This is the presentation as given at the conference 2009 for those interested in the background.

Magnolia 5.0 - Why VaadinMy colleague Daniel Lipp talked about why we have chosen for Vaadin.

Magnolia 5.0 - JCR 2.0 and Content APISome insights about what JCR 2.0 means for us and how we can improve the current Content API and gain performance.

Magnolia Roadmap - Beyond 5.0About Magnolia 4.4 and STK 2.0.

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